Meet Our Team



Amanda Cottrell (OBE): President

Amanda is the Deputy Lieutenant of Kent. She has been awarded honorary degrees’ from both the University of Kent and Canterbury Christchurch University, and she was awarded the OBE for Services to Kent in 2011. Amanda has been the Chairman of Visit Kent since 2007, and is Vice President of the Canterbury Festival. She is a Patron of Produced in Kent, and a Kent Ambassador. She is a Trustee of Canterbury Cathedral, the Godington House Preservation Trust, Kent Wildlife Trust, Avante Partnership (formerly Kent Community Housing Trust), and the Fairbridge Trust.


Bhimraj Tumbahangphe: Chairman

Bhim in the last decade has played a leading role in the Campaign for Gurkha Justice and has worked tirelessly for the Nepalese community. He is a champion of the elderly and the most venerable members of the community. Bhim himself has served in peacekeeping forces in Bosnia, Sierra Leone and East Timor as well as serving all around the world.


Prem Bahadur Limbu: Coordinator of the Gurkha Peace Foundation

Prem Limbu has played a key role in the creation of the day centres in Ashford and Folkestone. He played a vital role in identifying projects in Nepal which the Gurkha Peace Foundation is supporting. He was one of the original Gurkhas’ who helped to start the Gurkha Justice Campaign. He served 16 years and awarded an L.S.G.C Medal. Within the Army and was deployed in various countries, before being injured in service.


Gopal Giri: Vice Chairman

Gopal was the Brigade Sargent Major and he was awarded an M.B.E. He is well known within the Nepalese and  English communities, and was the  former chairman of the Folkestone Nepalese community. Gopal dedicated 20 years of his life in the British Army, within the  Brigade of 

Gurkha’s, and is the current Managing  Director of  Gurkha tea.


James Walker: Treasurer and Legal Advisor

James was formerly the Chairman of the Trustees for the Swine Foundation (now called Catching Lives) which cares and campaigns for the homeless in the Canterbury area. Author of several novels.

image-8c2333901aa67054dfa8fc7ce4f21b8d2843cbef768f22109c46813808c8f7ab-V Mrs. Bipin Subba Limbu
She has been helping tirelessly since 2012 and currently leading a laddies team within the Gurkha Peace Foundaion.

Executive Members

Bhutan Tamang

Bhuwan Tamang

Nun Bahadur Thapa

Nun Bahadur Thapa


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The Gurkha Peace Foundation is an inspired and inspiring idea; it can only bring growth in friendship, strength in a long respected and honoured trust between our two peoples, joined for 200 years by comradeship and a commitment to a future which will bind us together even closer. I send all connected with this marvellous Foundation my very fondest thoughts and a thousand messages of goodwill.

– Joanna Lumley