The Gurkha Peace Foundation proudly participated in the parade and service alongside other worthy organisations such as Amnesty International. The ladies were magnificent in their beautiful saris and fourteen years old Miss Sindhiya Rai a prayer. Several Gurkhas who had served in United Nations Peace keeping missions mingled with internationally recognised peace campaigners  such as […]

Drop-In Centre- 21 Feb 2013

On the second day of the gathering we start with the installation of Nepalese channel and we were able to see a huge number of senior citizens. It went good with their feedback about what we are doing for them. They put their questions about migration matters, housing benefits, problems regards over age (18yrs). Total […]

Our first gathering at Ashford

Dear Friends, Those of us in the Gurkha Peace Foundation are proud to announce that we have started an all day drop in centre now operating every Thursday from 10-00 am. This is of huge benefit to veteran Gurkhas who now have somewhere to meet their friends and receive free advice on a comprehensive range […]

Drop-In Centre- 14 Feb 2013

Thanking all the senior citizens and the members of Gurkha Peace Foundation. The first opening day in the St Francis Church Hall, Cryol Road, Ashford, Kent, TN23 7AS went really nice and it did helped to know what sort of problems our senior citizens are facing and what they got in past. Hope to see […]

Our Gurkha Community Centre

Dear Friend, You will be delighted to know that we have negotiated the use of a church hall in the middle of Ashford on every Thursday except on the few days that it is used as a polling station for elections. Starting on 14th of February the hall will be open from 10-00am until 5-30pm. […]