Samjhana Rai

Samjhana Rai is a 14 year old girl that we met in Dharan, she has no arms yet walked for 2 whole days just to meet us, she writes with her toes and is looked after by her mother. She is intelligent and speaks and writes both In Nepali and a little English. The Gurkha […]

AGM Agenda

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF THE GURKHA PEACE FOUNDATION TO BE HELD AT ST FRANCIS CHURCH HALL, CRYOL ROAD, ASHFORD ON SATURDAY 26th of APRIL STARTING AT 10-00 am. 1/ Apologies. 2/ Minutes of last meeting. 3/ Chairman’s report. 4/ Correspondence. 5/ Resignation of trustees. 6/ Election of trustees. 7/ Election of Chairman. 8/ Election of […]


The Gurkha Peace Foundation proudly participated in the parade and service alongside other worthy organisations such as Amnesty International. The ladies were magnificent in their beautiful saris and fourteen years old Miss Sindhiya Rai a prayer. Several Gurkhas who had served in United Nations Peace keeping missions mingled with internationally recognised peace campaigners  such as […]

Our first gathering at Ashford Dear Friends, Those of us in the Gurkha Peace Foundation are proud to announce that we have started an all day drop in centre now operating every Thursday from 10-00 am. This is of huge benefit to veteran Gurkhas who now have somewhere to meet their friends and receive free advice on a comprehensive […]