The Gurkha Community

The Gurkha Community in the UK

During the last seven years the British public have increasingly supported the campaign for Gurkha Justice. Until that time injured Gurkhas were patched up and sent back to Nepal with inadequate health care and inadequate pensions. For two hundred years brave Gurkhas have supported Britain not only in wars with a direct involvement but they have also guarded embassies and personnel in every trouble spot in the world and saved the lives of numerous British people. Now they have the right to settle in the UK. They plan to integrate themselves into the community by working in partnership with local charities.

The Gurkha Community in Nepal

We wish to continue our support the poorest orphans and street children in Nepal and continue to campaign for Gurkha veterans, particularly the eldest, who have no wish to settle in Britain but are still living on hideously small pensions.