Drop-In Centre- 21 Feb 2013

On the second day of the gathering we start with the installation of Nepalese channel and we were able to see a huge number of senior citizens. It went good with their feedback about what we are doing for them. They put their questions about migration matters, housing benefits, problems regards over age (18yrs).

Total Attendance: 85








ACTIONS this link 101 meds






Dambar Limbu


Son: Rabindra Limbu


Explain to him for over age (18), and needed documents.  





Shree Narayan Rai


Housing problems,

five families all

under age of 18yrs.

Explain him about house which at least, he need 3 bed room house, if possible 4 bedrooms house needed. Trying to find a house for him and his family to settle down. Action to be taken start from today.





From as a group



A flat where they could all be centralised to stay

Explain them if there are flats which is not been use. Will contact the person to provide their needs.  







From Group




Visit to Scotland

We have explain to them, if there is enough fund in the charity then only possible,  however there will be other way to sort out the problems. Needed an official meeting among trusties to discuss the matter.





From Group



Summer BBQ

We are going to be giving them BBQ, one time in summer. At the back yard of the church hall.  

Conclusion: In the afternoon we served light snacks and tea/coffee to them after they had conservations about their problems and we let them know about the future planning of the Charity and how they could be more able to help themselves letting us know about their stay and problems what they are facing till the date. By the start of the day some group photos were also taken.