Samjhana Rai

Samjhana Rai is a 14 year old girl that we met in Dharan, she has no arms yet walked for 2 whole days just to meet us, she writes with her toes and is looked after by her mother. She is intelligent and speaks and writes both In Nepali and a little English.

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The Gurkha Peace Foundation believes a little help is worth a lot of pity and we plan to pay for her education whilst the Welfare Trust looks after her healthcare. The first cheque will be handed over on August 3rd at our BBQ.


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A cheque for a £1,000 is to be presented to ex-major Deb Pun to pay for an English teacher at the Shree Shitalpati Secondary School which is situated in the mountainous district north of Baglung West of Nepal. The village is called Narethati.