Our first gathering at Ashford

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Dear Friends,
Those of us in the Gurkha Peace Foundation are proud to announce that we have started an all day drop in centre now operating every Thursday from 10-00 am. This is of huge benefit to veteran Gurkhas who now have somewhere to meet their friends and receive free advice on a comprehensive range of issues including healthcare, pensions, social services and housing. The centre is situated in the St Francis Church Hall. Around fifty veteran Gurkhas and their wives came on the opening day even though it was cold and wet!

To celebrate this venture we have invited Father Anthony and his congregation to join us for a glass of wine and some Nepalese cuisine On Sunday 24th of February at 11-30 am. We are delighted to say that we will be joined by the Mayor of Ashford and several civic dignitaries.

All our friends and supporters are welcome and will hear a brief resume of our exciting plans for the future.

Please feel free to contact us on the following phone numbers:
Bhimraj Tumbahangphe 07447117981 or Prem Limbu 07403252395. (Trustees and coordinators)

Best wishes,

Bhim & Prem.