Gurkha Peace Foundation helping in Nepal

The Gurkha Walk 2020 & Social Integration Programme 2020 has been postponed until further notice.

Lumley Campaign updated

Pupils receiving their new school uniform from our distribution program at Shree Shitalpati Lower Secondary School

In the aftermath of the successful Gurkha Justice Campaign our activists believed that the Gurkha Peace Foundation should move to help the integration of the Nepalese and UK communities, and raise funds for worthy projects both in countries.

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It has been nearly 12 years GPF has been continuing its work. With the support from all our well-wishers around we have been able to continue this generous work. In my experience, we have been lucky to have had an enthusiastic group of trustees, executive members and...


Gurkha Peace Foundation has helped three schools at Illam, Shree Antu Far- Eastern, Nepal which are Shree Angshuberma Adarbhut school, Shree Mahendra Adharbhut School and Shree Rastriya Elementary School with full programed computers along with internet and cable...

The Gurkha Peace Foundation is an inspired and inspiring idea; it can only bring growth in friendship, strength in a long respected and honoured trust between our two peoples, joined for 200 years by comradeship and a commitment to a future which will bind us together even closer. I send all connected with this marvellous Foundation my very fondest thoughts and a thousand messages of goodwill.

– Joanna Lumley